30 March 2014

Best SAT Prep Books

[Best SAT Prep Books]

If you are looking for the best SAT books and study guides, have a look at our team’s hand-picked list of the 10 best SAT prep books and read reviews on why we recommend these top SAT books (some are available as eBooks for Kindle) as the most effective study guides. Also, feel free to check out our new SAT Practice Online Free and SAT Study Tips.
1. Official SAT Study Guide with DVD

No self-respecting list of best SAT books can ignore this guide, which is considered to be nothing short of a bible of SAT test prep books. Authored by the makers of the SAT, the Official SAT Study Guide’s major advantage is that it contains 10 authentic full-length practice tests with actual SAT questions. It also provides free web-based score reports and access to online answers and notes.
In terms of substance, the Guide’s main strength lies in its math section, which features particularly useful descriptions and sample problems. Overall, because of its practice tests and reliability in predicting your SAT scores, this is a “must-buy.” If you plan on only getting one SAT prep book, the best choice is the Official SAT Study Guide.
Nevertheless, test-takers are well advised to supplement this book with other SAT guides, given that it fails to offer explanatory notes to accompany the questions and is thin on offering strategic advice on how to ace the actual test. The companion DVD features an additional SAT test, video reviews, and practice tools.

2. Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide 2014
This highly popular study guide is authored by SAT preparation guru and standardized test expert Dr. Gary Gruber. Gruber, who was motivated early on to analyze test-taking techniques (as a child, he received a below normal IQ test score, which he later managed to improve dramatically) succeeds in combining the provision of core SAT knowledge with strategic advice.

Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide 2014 is notable in that it follows a critical thinking approach aimed at giving test-takers the tools necessary for finding the correct answers in a short timeframe. In addition, the book is highly organized, has a clear writing style, and features five full-length practice tests. Highly recommended and likely the best of the best SAT books.
3. Boot Camp for Your Brain: A No-Nonsense Guide to the SAT I
This study guide is perhaps the most unusual and original among the best SAT prep books. It differentiates itself by taking a “boot camp” approach that aids long-term memorization by deliberate repetition of material throughout the book.

The manual also uses a captivating, direct writing style and makes studying for the SAT more interesting by conveying SAT knowledge and test-taking skills via motivating tools such as vocabulary cartoons, mnemonic techniques, or a section entitled the “Panic-Level Module.”
This book is designed to make your brain work overtime and it delivers. With its comprehensive and out-of-the-box approach, it clearly has the potential to give your SAT test results a significant boost.

4. Barron’s SAT

Barron’s is one of the most trusted providers of leading standardized testing guides. Its top SAT book offers a good mix of SAT subject reviews, general test-taking techniques, study advice, and specific strategies for each of the test’s sections. It is a straight-forward, no-nonsense manual that provides necessary guidance for building a solid grounding for the SAT.
All SAT sections are well covered, although the well-crafted reading passages are particularly strong. The book also includes five challenging full-length model tests with detailed answers and very clear explanations. While clearly lacking in bells and whistles, this is a reliable book which will get the job done well.

5. Cracking the SAT with 8 Practice Tests & DVD, 2014 Edition

This Princeton Review SAT book promises to help you “crack” the SAT test. While this book has a thorough section on providing guidance with the substance of the test, its real appeal lies in its provision of key techniques and strategies in taking the test.

For example, it boasts strategies such as “Process of Elimination”, which trains test-takers to quickly eliminate incorrect choices on even the most difficult questions. It also uses the fictitious character Joe Bloggs, an average student with average grades, to illustrate how the questions on the SAT are designed to “trick” most examinees into picking the wrong answers and how these traps can be avoided.
This book further features four practice tests with answers and instructive explanations, a DVD with video tutorials, and online access to additional SAT practice exams, drills, tutorials, and other helpful resources. Overall, the “Cracking the SAT” approach is convincing and eye-opening, making it a must read.

6. Best SAT Book #2: SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps by Shaan Patel for McGraw Hill

SAT 2400McGraw Hill
Why Buy? You need something practical.
Shaan Patel, a student who has earned a perfect 2400 on the SAT (which is very difficult to do, by the way), has written a book describing the techniques he used to earn that perfect score. This book ranks highly on my list of best SAT books because it is practical. Patel's tone is likable and the steps he offers are easy to understand and easy to use. Plus, out of the rest of the books listed on this page, it's the smallest, which adds to the practicality! It would be easy to sling this book into your backpack or even carry it with you for practice on the bus on the way to school or before class.
Cool Inclusions: Specific literature references to use in your essay and a fill-in-the-blank essay template.
7. McGraw-Hill’s SAT, 2014 Edition
McGraw-Hill has improved its study guide, making the 2014 edition one of the best SAT books and test prep programs on the market. This manual uses plenty of targeted instructions and practice exercises to help you master the SAT.

The book focuses on eight key reasoning skills as the key to achieving high scores and conquering the test. These include, for example, problem mapping and analysis, finding patterns in problems and simplifying them, considering alternatives, and logical thinking.
Moreover, the manual now includes six full-length practice tests, access to online coaching videos, and – as a bonus – a downloadable interactive test planning app that allows test-takers to prepare a customized SAT study schedule.

8. Kaplan SAT 2014 Premier with 8 Practice Tests & DVD
Kaplan is another major SAT test prep provider and standardized testing guide publisher whose “Premier” manual is among the best SAT books. Its highly accessible guide excels at providing the usual content: coverage of SAT basics, lots of practice questions with in-depth answers, strategy advice, full length practice tests, and one online test to simulate the computer-based testing experience.

In addition, this test study guide adds a nice touch by offering a mobile version of the book, an online diagnostic test and tips by SAT instructors who earned perfect or high SAT scores. Finally, for those who take Kaplan test prep courses, the books come with a higher score guarantee, which means that students who are not satisfied with their score can study again for free or get their money back.
Conclusion: The Kaplan SAT Premier has what it takes to prepare for and achieve high scores on the SAT.

9. Barron’s SAT 2400
 Extra motivated and ambitious test-takers should have a good look at this SAT prep book. Barron’s SAT 2400 – a nudge to the SAT’s maximum or top score – is perfect for those who want to go the extra mile. Indeed, the guide wastes no time with easy material and questions but, instead, focuses on the hardest and most challenging parts of the SAT.

Also, this book is probably the best when it comes to applying some of the most effective learning and test-taking strategies to the SAT. It introduces the reader to the Reading Rule of Third, Grammar Counting, and other novel techniques that are useful to mastering the exam.

The book operates at a very high level of difficulty, designed to give test-takers the extra edge on the SAT. Best still, the writing style is clear and friendly and manages to keep its hard-working readers interested.

10. SAT for Dummies with CD
This book from the “… for Dummies” series is among the most light-hearted SAT guides – which by itself is deserving of a spot on our best SAT books list. Its instructions are easy to comprehend and its tips and tricks make even the hardest SAT questions looks less fearsome.
Plus, if that is not enough, the guide provides advice on how to reduce stress before and during the test.

There are also seven practice tests in this test guide – two on the CD-ROM and five in the book itself – as well as 500 flashcards to practice your vocabulary.
SAT for Dummies might not be the best book for the most ambitious test-takers, but you are no dummy if you buy it.

07 January 2014

Free Essay Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Love” is always a never-getting-old inspiration which impellents sensitive souls to write poetry. Global literature cannot forget to mention a monument in romance, Shakespeare, who already rested in eternity but left in human immortal quotations about love. Of all among them, Sonnet 116 is considered as a classic conception which contained a well-known saying:

“… Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds
Or bends with the remover to remove…”

These faithful lines above are seen as a manifesto of eternal love throughout timeline, which is firmly proven in typical literatures from classical work like “Romeo and Julliet”, “Jane Eyre”, “The Gift of the Magi” to the contemporary one such as “The notebook”. They are all love concerto which are drawn by loving characters, whose love is a sacrifice, a greatness and a consistency.

“… Love is not love
If it changes when it finds a change in circumstances

Or it bends from its firm stand when a lover is unfaithful”

A real love will not change no matter which difficulties come to prevent it. A real love will not change if a lover is faithful enough to overcome barriers

The two first characters that cannot forget to be mentioned when talking about Shakespeare are Romeo and Juliet in the same name literature work. “Romeo and Juliet” is not only the brain child of literary genius Shakespeare but also one of the most powerful demonstrations of his viewpoint above about love. Romeo is described as good-looking, honest, gentle, enthusiastic, sensitive, romantic character. The love he shares with Juliet is much more profound, mature than his previous puppy love. His beloved, Juliet, is so beautiful, the beauty of innocent, hopeful young that Romeo must painfully admit: “Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty”.. Moreover, Juliet is a smart girl, she knows how to satisfy parents, notwithstanding, she chooses to follow her heart, fall in love with the son of enemy after a faithful party night “What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”. “Montague” and "Capulet” are just names that cannot prevent the two young hearts drowning in yeast of love, however, these two names are the reason for all tragedies. By only tragedies, Shakespeare shows strongly his conception about love. Shakespeare is talented at creating conflict; they are conflicts about the two families, about the deepest souls, about the love triangle. A rose is beautiful but its spikes can cause blood shades. Romeo, an honorable gentleman, who worships romance and friendship, kills Juliet’s brother because of Mercudio’s death. Romeo becomes an exile, and Juliet is forced to marry a man that will never replace Romeo in her heart. Nobody can measure how much beautiful tear are falling down on her angelic face, nobody can measure exactly how much painful Romeo sustain when losing honorary, family, friend, and Juliet, pitifully, solving these conflicts mostly are sad endings. To refuse a loveless marriage, Juliet pretends to die in forty two hours, after this short dream, she will belong to Romeo forever. However, dream is just a dream; Romeo poisons himself to stay beside Juliet forever, and when Juliet wakes up, her suicides by Romeo’s swords. Readers when touching this scene, will pitifully regret “if only just one or two minutes, Juliet had waken up earlier, they would have been together forever”. Shakespeare knows that in these pilots made of feuds, love will be drowned in blood. Finally, no longer “Montague” is, no longer “Capulet” is, in paradise, there is just only Romeo and Juliet, there is just only loving concerto which is composed by the two young passionate hearts, just only “a time for us”. A sad ending, however, opens a new beginning. Even though Romeo and Juliet cannot be together in this world, they can eliminate partially pointless feud between the two families. The love between Romeo and Juliet is like a phoenix, which strongly reborn from his own ashes. Shakespeare has a sensitive soul who always desires a real love, a happy family which is raised by two kindred souls, unfortunately, God gives him talent writing but not a happy family, therefore, his desire grows up stronger and stronger. When sayings are helpless, Shakespeare let his literature confide, and “Romeo and Juliet” is one of his own confessions and of other young couples. Is there any place in the world, people can ready to live for love, sacrifice for love like Romeo and Juliet?